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Trimester Schedule Change

Based on an analysis by high school principals and central office leaders, we have decided to postpone the transition to the 5-Tri schedule. We will not implement it in fall 2020 as planned.

As principals and central office leaders evaluated the status of implementation, together we concluded that we need more time to make a successful transition to a new schedule.

With multiple other changes and transitions this year, the team responsible for implementing the change is not confident that the system has the capacity to embrace and implement it well at this time.

The reality remains that our current students will have to meet new, more demanding state graduation requirements. Our 9th-, 10th- and 11th-grade students will need to earn 24 credits, most of them in specific subjects prescribed by the state. This means all students will have fewer electives and less flexibility in course selection. Students who are not on track for graduation will need options for earning missing credits. 

As always, our focus must continue to be on preparing our students for the future they choose. Our immediate task is to develop robust supports to ensure that all students get what they need to graduate.

The thoughtful work that has been done in preparation for 5-Tri is valuable, no matter what schedule we have. This work will guide our ongoing efforts to ensure that all students are able to meet the more rigorous graduation requirements.

The work on master scheduling and academic programming will continue to be a focus. 

In the coming months, the 5-Tri steering team, which includes principals, will evaluate the options of moving to 5-Tri in fall 2021 or staying with the current 6-period semester schedule. 

The superintendent will make a determination by February 2020.