17-18 Performance Report

School Information

Grades: 9-12
Facility: CHOICE Academy and Homeschool are located at Highline's Woodside site, which was built in 1960 and 1966.

Highlights for 2017-18

  • 2017-18 Washington State School of Distinction for being one of the 5% highest improving schools for increased ELA/Math achievement and Graduation Rate over the past five years
  • 88% of CHOICE seniors graduated
  • Three students graduated with their Associate of Arts Degree
  • 93% attendance rate
  • There were only two “out of school” suspensions
  • Two CHOICE students participated in regional Shakespeare competition
  • Second Annual Multi-Cultural Night was a bigger success than the year before with a 50% increase in attendance.
  • Art Class was a tremendous success. The end-of-year "Art and Talent Show" was fantastic.
  • Continued with Focused Instruction and Academic Focus; a program in which our teachers help students with one or more failing grades.

Plans for 2018-19

  • 100% graduation rate.
  • 19 out of 20 students will achieve standard on Smarter Balance tests.
  • Strive for 94% attendance rate.
  • Make Multi-Cultural Night a tradition and encourage an environment of inclusivity.
  • Teach Chemistry for the first time at CHOICE and prepare to teach Physics in the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Continue with an Art class program.
  • Expand our Shakespeare Club.
  • Schedule time for the "High School and Beyond Plan" to be completed schoolwide by March 2019.
  • Develop programs to encourage student participation in "Service Learning" projects to foster an environment of caring and support.
  • Continue to improve "Standards Based Instruction" and encourage an environment of rigor schoolwide.
  • Prepare to welcome a new 6th grade student and family group to CHOICE Academy for the 2019-2020 school year.

Invitation to Participate

Invitation to Participate

At Highline Public Schools, one of our four pillars in the district's strategic plan is parent and family engagement. In order to reach our strategic plan goals we will form partnerships with parents and families. Families and community members are encouraged to participate in school activities and in educating students in school, at home and in the community.

How District Funds are Invested

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Source: Actual 2017-18 expenditures as of August 2018.

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